The Kei Lin Foundation

A Private Foundation

Margaret Tsai

About the Foundation

The Kei Lin Foundation was founded on December 18, 2012, by Margaret Tsai, in honor of her mother Kei Lin, whose hard work and dedication have served as an exceptional inspiration throughout her lifetime, and made it possible to achieve her personal and professional success.

Mission Statement

A private foundation, 501(c)3 tax exempt, the Kei Lin Foundation operates exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary, and educational programs dedicated to youth in agricultural careers. Our primary emphasis is supporting senior citizens who have no immediate living relatives or resources to help alleviate hunger, and assist in their well-being for a more comfortable life free of despair.

The Trustees, as well as Advisory and Committee members, serve as volunteers without compensation. We welcome your dedicated support and generous contributions to promote and share our goals.

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Regency Olive Ranch

Regency Olive RanchThe Kei Lin Foundation has received a generous donation of more than 400 bottles of exclusive olive oil from the Regency Olive Ranch.

A bottle of this exceptional winter harvest oil blend of six olive varieties is available as a gift to all who donate.